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An ode to self love, Self acceptance and Vulnerability.

A collaboration between: Giramata, Soul Alphabet & Elci Threads

Meet Giramata

Giramata is  a Rwandan storyteller, activist, scholar and poet.. Her artivism centers Blackness, social Pan-Africanism and Black feminism. Giramata is also pursuing her Ph.D. in Gender and Women Studies with a focus on the global image of Black womxn and violence against them. Her art and scholarly work are intrinsic and complement each other. I do my scholarly work because I believe it is important to tell women’s narratives, to humanize Black women’s experiences and lives. Similarly, my art is about Black narratives because I believe with each project, story and poem we are creating our own stories as Afrikans. Even more, it is important for Afrikan creatives and scholars to see this representation that we are here, doing work and necessary for change.

Meet Soul Alphabet

Soul Alphabet is a non-for-profit organisation that aims to promote creatives of colour in Australia. Soul Alphabet was founded in 2017 by the UWA African Students’ Union and Elci Threads.

 We believe that creative outlets should encompass all viewpoints of society.  Soul Alphabet was created with the aim to support the often marginalised narratives and viewpoints of people of colour. Our mission is to create an engaging and interactive platform that allows creatives of colour to showcase their work. We believe in the importance of creating a safe and non-judgemental space that enables Australia based creatives of colour to freely express themselves. Soul Alphabet encourages creatives from various backgrounds to collaborate, engage and network.


We collaborated with Giramata and turned her poetry into wearable art! All profits made from this collaboration will go towards creating a Soul Alphabet event this December in Kigali, Rwanda. We believe that it is important to support the future of African creatives globally - The African diaspora youth working with African youth in the continent will create the future we DESERVE as African youth!



We very grateful for you, Giramata! Thank you for accepting this collaboration!

Poetry by Giramata

Photographer + Videographer: Nazret


Lameck + Sonia

Conceptualised by: Giramata, Nazret and Elci Threads