Filmed and Edited by Nazret Abraha


ISOKO, literal meaning: a market.

The misconception many have is that markets are usually “just for buying goods”, but it’s more than that. It is a single space full of collective; thoughts, effort and ideas. This video is a vibrant space of; thoughts, vulnerability, acceptance, familiarity and love.

| Ideas | *Self-Love *Staying true to yourself *Freedom gained from self expression *Energies are received and reciprocated: if you’re true to yourself that energy will attract the right people to come into your life. *Division within our communities *Fitting into our communities

I feel like when you value yourself and you do what you think is right for yourself. The right people will come along anyway.
— Aleshanee

Special Thanks: Thank you for being amazing and sharing your stories and thoughts with us







 Presented by: Elci Threads x Nazret Abraha

Shot/Edited: Nazret Abraha (

Directed by: Nazret Abraha + Linda Iriza

Stylist: Linda Iriza

Thank you to Roshan for spontaneously helping out