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The Label:

ELCI Threads is the brainchild of founders Linda Iriza & Cecilia Ekeng. The idea came about as a realisation of the need for modern threads in bold and beautiful patterns. We aim to use a range of fabrics, starting with Ankara, to create beautiful pieces catering firstly to females then males in the near future.

Our products are made in Nigeria, as that is where one of the owners currently resides. Making products in Nigeria is a chance to provide income earning opportunities for local tailors in smaller markets to showcase their work internationally. Nigeria is also a place where Ankara is regularly utilised, enabling the opportunity for access to different patterns.

Ankara, also known as ‘African Print’ Fabric is our first material choice as it is very colourful and the patterns are endless. We want to see Ankara being utilised more, hence, why we have simple but trendy designs available in these patterns so customers don’t feel like they can only wear the Ankara clothing on special occasions. We work hard to find the best fabrics with the best quality, and fabrics that will fit a range of skin tones. 

 Vision & Growth: 

Our vision is to become a leading brand; known for its quality clothing and exceptional service, while also giving back to the community in Nigeria and in Australia. We also hope in the future to collaborate with similar brands, and also give designers in our home countries opportunities to access an international audience with their creations.

We hope that as you support us and contribute to our vision; you watch us grow as a business, standing strong in the face of any challenges that may arise!