Soul Alphabet is a non-for-profit organisation that aims to promote creatives of colour in Australia. Soul Alphabet was founded in 2017 by the UWA African Students’ Union and Elci Threads.


Soul Alphabet is an event created to celebrate people of colour and their creativity. It is a massive collaboration event; as we team up with the African Student Union (ASU) at UWA and a group of talented WOC in Perth.

A night full of love, music, dancing,  photography, fashion,  singing,  poetry and so much more. 

Videography: Umairah Murtaza & Bernice Jiang

Edit: Umairah Murtaza

December 2018

This year we are taking Soul Alphabet global to Kigali, Rwanda. We want to start making strong partnerships and relationships between creative Africans in Australia and creative Africans in the continent (Africa). Hence why, we've started the initiative of hosting an event outside of Perth. Our first stop is Kigali, Rwanda and we want to collaborate with various Rwandan creatives who will be in Kigali this December.

To make this collaboration possible we’ve teamed with a Rwandan poet Giramata. We turned her poetry into wearable art, all profits made from the t-shirt sales will go towards making Soul Alphabet happen this December in Kigali, Rwanda.




SHOT BY Nazret