Carrying on from last week's post "Africa is the Future"... 

It was an obvious trend that the answer to the question (why is it that so many young Africans in the diaspora, aren't interested in going back home to apply their set of "skills" and help develop their home countries?) was that people liked to be comfortable, stable and change was something they feared. This is human nature, because change brings growth and growth can be scary at times.

The fact that tomorrow isn't promised, that alone should push you out of your comfort zone. Time is always going against us; it can go fast when we want it to slow down and it goes slow when we want it to go faster. We are all ticking time bombs and we shouldn't be living a life of comfort; we should want more and experience the most before our time runs out. 

Also through the comments the issue of a lack of interest in moving back to Africa was brought up. The fact that a lot of young Africans went through hell to get to i.e Australia or young Africans in the diaspora were born outside of Africa has created a barrier between the individual and the motherland. Someone once said that; "the reason why we call Africa the motherland is because Mothers RAISE us but yet they get all the turmoil and at the end of the day they never get the recognition they deserve". I think as we grow, we should grow with Africa in our hearts, because our mother deserves all the recognition. 

Yes it's great that we are talking about this but it's not enough (isn't funny how nothing in life is ever enough...).

Crazy idea:  What if together, as Africans in the diaspora went on Africa's version of a "contiki" tour, which isn't a real thing atm but we will make it a real thing. This will give a chance for young people who haven't been back to finally experience the continent whilst they're still young.  Also, for young Africans in the diaspora who don't hold any positive memories with Africa can create new memories and understandings. This reconnection with Africa might create some sort of spark that will drive young people to move back home and apply themselves.

Some of yous might be saying that it would be too expensive, but if you really think about it we can save for a year or 2 for our flights and food is cheap, rent is cheap... 

Yes people get drunk and crazy on contiki tours, we can do it too but also at the same time contribute back to Africa. E.g. we go on an East Africa tour: Rwanda -> Uganda -> Kenya as a group of 30 young people, contribute to the economy by booking flights on local airlines e.g. Rwandair.

Yes we will eat hella good food, meet amazing people, dance until our bodies ache, get high if you're into that (I don't smoke i only said that cause it looked cool...). Afterwards, we then visit high schools and universities, through that we create a conversation. That way, youth in the diaspora and youth in Africa is reconnecting and closing that gap, through this we can start to help one another and work towards a unified Africa. 

Seriously, if you're down with the crazy idea above email me (, and we can create this and turn it into a reality.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this idea and also if you've got any other ideas on how we can reconnect with Africa and youth back home in a more constructive and positive way. 

yo, also share your thoughts in the comment section on whether or not the statement is true for everyone.

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