For many years; the West has experienced a growth in African immigration. This is due to various issues of; war, political instabilities, poverty and other issues Africans have faced and still facing in their home countries. 

The youth in the diaspora has grown, but I believe there's a new problem. Many, young Africans aren't interested in going back home when they're still young. I've heard young people say: "Yes I would love to go back home, but just to visit, not actually live there", "I will work here first (insert a country outside of Africa), and go back home for retirement", "I'm still too young to think about investing in Africa". 

There's also valid reasons to why people don't want to go back, some of them being: 

1. They've outgrown the culture and values; due to the fact that they've spent all of their lives outside of Africa

2. The safety and economic environment in their home countries is nowhere near stable/safe. 

3. There's nothing to go back to; all their family members and friends live outside of Africa

4. There's not enough information available on what should be done in Africa. 

But isn't it IRONIC that as the number of Africans moving out Africa is increasing, the number of foreigners going to live/invest in Africa is also growing. Foreigners are building our; roads, houses, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and literally anything you can think of. 

I personally believe that, the reasons of not going back to Africa and applying yourself are EXCUSES. 

1. If a country is corrupt and not safe: study politics so you can one day become a politician in your home country, VOLUNTEER in your country or a neighbouring country so you can get first hand experience (why is it that there's a large percentage of foreigners volunteering in Africa?). 

2. Adulthood is all about new experiences and adapting to new environments. Adulthood is about planning for your future and for those to come after you. Therefore, going back home for good (a new experience) and working to make sure the situation in your home country changes so that your children don't ever have to think of leaving *insert a country in Africa* is the most mature thing you can do. 

3. Do your own research, network for yourself. Use the degrees you have. African countries are young (in terms of when each country gained it's independence), young countries need young people with fresh minds and innovative ideas. So let's "link up and build" a better Africa. 

So now when I hear random strangers yelling at me "GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY", I don't get angry anymore - I smile back, because I take it as a light reminder of what I should be focused on. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the statement! Please let's talk and share your ideas. 


Is this statement a myth or a reality? Let us know by commenting! 

Linda Iriza6 Comments